In any feedmill, time is money. Every hour of downtime costs your company as dearly as your company makes in a feed producing hour, if not more. With Triumph Engineering Co.,Ltd., you can rest assured that our engineers can be with you within 24 hours, ready to diagnose and solve your problems free of charge. And since we make virtually all of the parts in our machines from our own facilities, we can promptly get you any part you need.

Our products are of the highest standards of quality. From our extensive use of special raw material for various parts to our insistence in the use of only the highest quality bolt-on parts; our machines have quality where it counts. Combined with our high standard in engineering and manufacturing, our machines are second to none. Our ISO 9001 (TEC) and ISO 9001: 2000 (TSL) certificates are further testaments to our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Instead of making ancient range of machines with little or no variation and letting the buyers plan their production and feed mills to suit our machines, we do the opposite. Because our customers are the ones who will pay for and benefit from our products, we make products to suit them. We can work together with our customers to plan and design their new feed mill or an expansion of their existing one and supply machines that will successfully suit their plans and designs. And because our customers are the ones who use the machines, we also listen to their feedback. Whether these feedbacks be advice, praise or complaints; we shall try to better accommodate their needs.

We design feed mills, feed machinery, dies, etc. to suit your specific needs and will strive to give you products that meet or exceed YOUR NEEDS in REAL WORLD conditions. If you want to grind a certain material to a certain size at a certain tonnage per hour, we will sell you a grinder that we know WILL work and if your raw material turns out to be too soft, say, we shall work with you to result in a grinder you need.

Because we manufacture every machine in the feed production line, complete feed mills supplied by us need not worry about matching machines with one another. Using separate suppliers for each machine in the same line inevitably means a redundancy at some point in the line, i.e. there's always a bottleneck. With feed production lines designed by Triumph Engineering, each machine is already matched to another, so each machine can run as its supposed to, at maximum efficiency. And because we can supply the entire feed production line (and turn-key feed mills), we can service the entire line, too.

just call us... It's that simple!

Even if you only have one machine in your feed mill supplied by us, our knowledge of other processes and machines in the production line also allows us to diagnose and solve your problems effectively and quickly.

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