Triumph Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1981. It was set up originally to serve the then rapidly expanding sugar industry in Thailand and also as a general machine shop, supporting a broad spectrum of industries. Since then, company has been growing steadily in size, capability and strength.

Today, the company's growth is stronger than ever, thanks to the experience, knowledge and technology we have accumulated over the years.

At present , Triumph Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand's largest manufacturer of industrial machines. Using the most sophisticated tools and the highest engineering standards, we design and produce a wide range of products to serve a broad spectrum of industries ranging from wood industry to the animal feed industry.

our activity can be divided into three parts:

  • Machinery for animal feed production
  • Machines/tools for other industries

Machinery for animal feed production

In 1987 TEC produced their first pellet presses for tapioca and from there the productionof feed mill quipment by the company originates. Today, 15 years on, those original machines are still working perfectly and our product range for the feed industry has grown enormously. As well as stand-alone machines we also have extensive experience in supplying turn-key feed mills. TEC currently sells equipment and parts to more than 200 feed mills world wide; shipping to Japan, the United Stated, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,Burma and
many other countries as well as in Thailand.

Machinery for other industries

While the feed industry has become our main line of business, our machining
and fabrication capability enables us to also pursue our interests in other industries. Over the years we have also supplied parts, machines and equipment to many industries including cement industry, construction industry, wood processing industry, sugar industry and many more.